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Reducing human risk in a global workforce

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WAGO is a leader in automation and connection technology, known for their innovative solutions in electrical interconnections, automation, and interface electronics. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, WAGO serves various industries, providing reliable and efficient products and services that meet the highest standards.

“We chose SoSafe for their evolving cyber security solutions, which perfectly addressed our workforce’s diverse needs, making SoSafe more of a partner than a vendor.”

David Kreft


Reducing human risk in all countries

WAGO wanted to strengthen the cyber security culture across a diverse workforce in 30 countries speaking 21 languages. The challenge was to engage employees in cyber security awareness and minimize phishing risks, which required analytics-driven learning tailored to different cyber security maturity levels around the world.


Tailored cyber security training with SoSafe

WAGO selected SoSafe after evaluating four vendors and appreciated their personalized approach to cyber security training. SoSafe’s solution provided continuously updated phishing campaigns and e-learning lessons, adding topics like Chat GPT risks and other recently identified threats. Analytics helped customize content based on employee cyber security maturity, ensuring effective training.


Enhanced human risk management through cyber security training

The implementation of SoSafe significantly reduced click-through rates on phishing emails. Other key metrics also improved, contributing to a significant increase in the Behavior Score from 65 to 91 (out of 100). This score, which combines several key metrics, indicates improved risk management and a stronger security culture. WAGO used SoSafe’s analytics to refine engagement strategies and training effectiveness across their global operations.

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