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Celebrate European Cyber Security Month with SoSafe’s interactive content and become safer online.

European Cybersecurity Month

Time to test your phishing detection skills

Navigate through the inbox, sort real emails from malicious ones, and score points based on your accuracy. Play now and elevate your game against email threats!

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You already saw a glance of
our training approach

Our e-learning modules and phishing simulations walk-throughs are crafted to be engaging, interactive, and above all, educational. It’s not about presenting facts – but about building secure habits, shaping behaviors, and nurturing a security culture. See what our customers say about them:

Phishing emails have become really hard to recognize much of the time. What we like about SoSafe is that the simulations are so realistic that all our employees get to learn a lot.

Lea Kehrmann

Lea Kehrmann

Management Advisor at Natsana

We’re delighted to see our employees’ adoption of the E-learning, with average test results of 97 out of 100. They also loved the context-based walkthroughs that accompany every simulated attack. It provides instant learning when needed the most: when someone clicks on a phishing email.

Markus Rohrbach

Markus Rohrbach

Head of IT at CURSOR

Empower your team’s cyber defense beyond just October

Did you enjoy our phishing game and content? Why don’t you try our interactive phishing demo to see how our product minimizes risk by changing behavior?

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Product Premiere:
The Human Risk OS™

Shape the future of human risk management

Join us on May 23rd as we introduce the Human Risk OS™ and other exciting product innovations and updates, taking security awareness and learning experience to the next level and enabling you to create a positive security culture

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