Personalized Learning

Behavioral science-based training delivering personalized learning experiences through cyber security e-learning content that’s engaging and interactive. Each learning moment builds stronger security habits.

Immersive experience

Where others complicate, we simplify

Our approach keeps security top-of-mind by automatically delivering learning moments tailored to individual needs. We foster strong security habits through personalized, story-driven learning experiences.

  • Focuses on quickly closing skill gaps
  • Puts the learner at the center of the experience
  • Minimizes training time by distributing only necessary lessons


Customized to fit your organization

Our adaptable approach extends to role-based training, ensuring every employee receives training tailored to their specific responsibilities and work environment.

  • Add your company’s logo, colors, and customize in-module content
  • Tailor-made content for specific roles, such as blue-collar workers, developers, managers, and IT professionals
  • SCORM streaming directly through your LMS


Readily scalable for your growth

Be compliant and easily scale your cyber security awareness training with technology that keeps implementation low-effort and content up-to-date. Plus, our team of experts continuously support your success.

  • ISO/IEC 27001-compliant reports and dashboards
  • World-class customer success advisory
  • Fully localized content in over 30 languages
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Next-level engagement

Successful habit formation

Our gamification layer boosts user engagement and motivates employees to become more security aware. Blending ‘aha!’ moments with fun, interactive, and story-driven learning builds long-lasting security habits.

Greater employee engagement

Deeper security knowledge

Stronger security habits

Increased employee acceptance

Psychology DNA

Driven by behavioral science

Security habits take hold through continuous learning moments. By grounding our e-learning design and content in the newest insights from the psychology of learning, employees gain practical experience around how to protect themselves from online threats and beyond. With best practices top of mind, they’re readily applied in everyday life.

Personalized training delivered through distributed learning, featuring highly targeted content and phishing simulations

Deeper engagement with e-learning modules due to storytelling and gamification that leverage principles from motivational psychology

Personalized learning experiences are optimized based on individual engagement scores

“Our cyber security e-learning is as human-centered as it gets. Information security and data protection are crucial business factors, but most employees aren’t always thinking or talking about those topics. By using methods from behavioral science and psychology, we fuel employees’ intrinsic motivation, so they understand the relevance and act accordingly.”

Gundula Zerbes, PhD Cognitive Psychologist, Instructional Designer, SoSafe


Scale your security culture

Strengthen your resilience to online and offline threats and fulfill compliance obligations with a continuous and curated security awareness platform employees love.

Cutting-edge behavioral science

Our team of psychologists and learning experts continuously design and refine educational experiences that deliver the most engaging, effective, and current training material possible.

Immediate impact

After completing a survey about their work habits, learners receive lessons automatically prioritized by our platform to match their risk profile.

True GDPR-compliance

We only process data within the EU where all our legal entities reside. Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is guaranteed – always.

Out-of-the-box audit readiness

Audit-ready dashboard and reporting make compliance easy and keep you prepared for audits like ISO 27001, TISAX, and more.

Robust localization

Our cyber security e-learning and training is offered in 30 languages with new ones added regularly. Our dedicated localization team ensures perfect cultural fit across the globe.

Actionable analytics and guidance

Strategic risk monitoring and advanced analytics help you quickly quantify risk, track metrics, identify vulnerabilities, and make data-informed decisions with ease.


Companies scaling their security culture with SoSafe

Countless global companies choose SoSafe to empower secure employee behavior and strengthen resilience to human-related security risks.

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Scale your security culture with ease

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