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Stay ahead of the curve: Unpacking the German Supply Chain Law with our latest lessons

2 October 2023 · 2 min read

The German Supply Chain Law (LkSG) has emerged as a cornerstone of regulatory compliance for businesses operating within Germany. With its clear mandates and wide-reaching applicability, it plays a pivotal role in the contemporary business environment. To assist organizations in navigating this law, we are proud to unveil our comprehensive e-learning series, tailored to provide clarity, foster compliance, and enhance operational excellence.

LkSG basics

A closer look at the German Supply Chain Law

  • The LkSG is a testament to Germany’s commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. At its core, it mandates businesses operating in Germany to be vigilant against risks of human rights abuses and environmental harm and enforces this through strict due diligence procedures. 
  • Initially targeting enterprises with a cadre of 3,000 employees or more since January 1st, 2023, the law’s ambit is set to broaden, encapsulating entities with over 1,000 employees by 2024. 
  • Training on the subject isn’t just a mere footnote in this law. Echoing the emphasis seen in regulations like the GDPR, the LkSG accentuates the necessity of thorough employee training. The stakes? Non-compliant firms face penalties amounting to up to 2% of their annual turnover. 

What users learn in our LkSG course

  1. Demystifying the law: the lessons explore the LkSG, grasping its primary objectives and understanding its overarching jurisdiction.
  2. Roles, responsibilities, and review mechanisms: Your employees will understand the nuances of supply chain review responsibilities and the techniques integral to performing these reviews efficiently.
  3. Ensuring compliance and avoiding pitfalls: Our lessons explain the potential consequences of LkSG non-compliance and imbibe strategies to ensure consistent and thorough supply chain reviews. 
LkSG control
LkSG risk management

How SoSafe can help to stay compliant

Risk mitigation

The LkSG places a pronounced emphasis on proactive management of supply chain risks. By gaining a robust understanding of these mandates, businesses can shield themselves from potential legal repercussions and substantial fines.

Regulatory compliance

Meeting the LkSG’s standards is more than just a legal obligation; it signifies a company’s dedication to upholding human rights and environmental sustainability. Ensuring this alignment is essential not only for legal purposes but also for preserving and elevating a brand’s reputation in the international arena.

Strengthening the backbone

The true strength of an organization lies in its people. Through our training lessons, we aspire to equip the workforce with the knowledge and tools they need to foster a culture of responsibility, ethics, and best-in-class business practices.

In our dynamic digital era, adherence to regulatory requirements like the German Supply Chain Law is crucial for both ethical operations and enhanced security. Our new e-learning modules ensure employees are well-equipped to navigate these complexities. Prioritizing compliance and security is essential for sustained success.

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