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Major milestones achieved: Our November product upgrade

27 November 2023 · 3 min read

This month at SoSafe has been all about levelling up. We’ve had a massive month of product magic behind the scenes! Here is a quick overview of the game-changing upgrades we’ve implemented that will revolutionize security awareness programs:

  1. Personalized learning – your individualized security journey in 30% less time
  2. Two hot new lessons added to the premium package
  3. New anti-money laundering course library now available
  4. Benchmark your results against the best companies
  5. Refined phishing reporting for superior incident intel
  6. Our reimagined manager interface sets new standard

Interested to learn more? Read on about each new update.

1. Personalized learning – your individualized security journey in 30% less time

Personalized Learning

Blanket training programs simply don’t work. Traditional awareness takes a compliance-oriented, mass market approach that overwhelms and fails to resonate with the modern worker. 

Our new personalized learning approach is completely different. It fully customizes the security journey around individual knowledge, risks and needs.

By identifying the right working environment of each employee, we deliver training that feels tailored, timely and genuinely engaging. Learners finally get a learning path that feels purpose-built just for them, and don’t have to spend precious time going through content they don’t need.

Our observed results with personalized learning are astounding:

  • 18-30% Faster Behavior Change in Year 1
    Employees adopt more secure practices more rapidly compared to standard e-learning programs, resulting in desired behavioral change.  
  • 50%+ Time Saved in Year 2
    Top performing individuals are awarded for their long-term knowledge retention and behavior. 

We’ll start rolling the new engine out to our customers over the next couple months. In the meantime, select customers can join the Beta program. Stay tuned for more updates!  

2. Two new lessons added to the premium package

AI Vishing lesson

To expand our customers’ security arsenals, we introduced advanced training on two highly potent threats:

These cinematic, interactive modules equip learners with everything they need to snuff Microsoft Teams scams and detect even the most cunning voice phishing scams enhanced by artificial intelligence.

3. New anti-money laundering course library now available

Money laundering methods

In partnership with leading financial compliance experts, we developed an enhanced 3-part Anti-Money Laundering curriculum that will help you to:

  • Understand money laundering dynamics and their societal and business impacts
  • Identify three crucial phases of money laundering and associated techniques
  • Acquire practical knowledge of EU AML directives, including the Know Your Customer process and its requirements

These in-depth lessons will strengthen and extend customers’ fraud prevention capabilities – helping them avoid 7-figure fines and permanent brand damage.

4. Benchmark your results against the best companies

New Analytics

Wonder how your security stats stack up against other companies just like yours? Our new and improved analytics let you benchmark your key metrics like click rates, completion rates and more to the top performers in your industry. Simply login to your Manager interface to see how you compare.

It’s the perfect report card to demonstrate the great job you’re doing with your awareness program! Finally – definitive proof of program impact when demonstrating value to leadership teams.

5. Refined phishing reporting for superior incident intel

PRB update

We’ve upgraded our Phishing Report Button to make it even simpler for employees to flag suspicious messages right from their inbox.

By streamlining the reporting flow, users can now rapidly notify security teams about potential threats with just a click. No more time spent sifting through complex menus or interfaces.

With reporting friction removed, your incident response teams can investigate and remediate threats faster than ever before, while simplification means fewer distractions for employees. This results in more accurate and actionable intel to act upon.

6. Our product redesign sets new visual standard for CSAT solutions

New Manager design

We’ve got some exciting news to wrap things up—our e-learning platform and the Manager have undergone complete redesigns! For the e-learning platform, we’ve optimized every pixel, ensuring simplicity and ease. Learning paths now come with clear step-by-step guidance, making it user-friendly and tasks easier to handle.

And for our security experts, we’ve tailored a full redesign of the Manager with you in mind. Expect upgrades like smoother workflows, logical navigation, and reduced effort across the board. It’s all about enhancing your experience for a more seamless and straightforward journey.

November has been all about leveling up and raising the bar across the entire SoSafe awareness platform. But the best is yet to come!

Behind the scenes, our innovators are already architecting breakthrough new features for release over the coming months. With nonstop enhancements across assessments, training flows, analytics and more, we will continue pushing boundaries of modern security awareness, helping each organization we serve take their security to the next level.

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