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Fulfill compliance and boost employee engagement with Content Management

7 December 2022 · 5 min read

Today’s digital world is very different from the world we used to live in just a few years ago and security risks are now inevitably arising in every organization. We know that the security of any organization is only as good as its security culture and, therefore, security awareness training is a must-have for companies all around the world.

However, there are some challenges that arise when organizations start running their own awareness training and managing their own security content. Some use extensive content libraries in which new documents might go unnoticed by users. Others use a variety of different platforms, making it very time-consuming for the administrator to track all requirements and policy acceptance. And there are yet others that don’t even have the necessary technologies to provide for learning adoption and policy acceptance – causing a burden on company resources.

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This might lead to compliance issues, as these companies do not have a centralized overview of their compliance readiness, for example, in the form of an analytics dashboard that allows report downloads for auditors. Understanding the maturity of their security culture also becomes very complex. And for end-users unstructured learning processes end up negatively impacting their motivation and engagement.

With SoSafe’s Content Management solution, many of these problems get solved. Organizations can customize their e-learning, and also add and track their own content to boost employee engagement and increase audit and compliance readiness. Keep reading to learn about how your organization can take advantage of our latest set of features.

Security awareness training: What are the main challenges of managing security content?

Ineffective security training methods can cause significant financial and reputational risks – making organizations realize the importance of choosing the right security awareness provider. The following table summarizes the most common challenges companies are facing in their security learning programs and what they need to overcome them:

Many organizations have existing security policies and additional training content and need to distribute them among their employees effectively.Streamlined distribution processes
Having different learning platforms makes it difficult to track requirement fulfillment and policy acceptance. This makes it hard to prove training compliance, putting
organizations at risk of compliance violations.
All-in-one analytics dashboard
for compliance requirements
Managing different content platforms also means having to pay for each of them, which isn’t cost-effective.Cost optimization by using one
platform that satisfies all needs
Organizations need to customize information inside their training to their requirements and regulations to make sure employees receive relevant information.Customization options for
in-module content
Many organizations like to adapt their security learning material to their corporate design (logos and colors) to improve employees’ acceptance of the training and minimize additional barriers.Branding options for consistency
Motivating employees is known to increase learning adoption rates, but it is not always easy – especially when using large and impersonal content libraries.Enabling employees with
content prioritization and
gamified, personalized learning
Both content administrators and learners might spend a lot of time on different content platforms. This makes it difficult to highlight content pieces so that employees don’t lose track of the most important ones.One single easy-to-use platform
that saves time

Our Content Management solution: Your training, your way

Each organization has different training needs and challenges when it comes to employee motivation. Old training methods based on extensive content libraries and yearly box-tick training sessions are no longer enough. That’s why it’s important to offer employees short e-learning modules containing storytelling and gamification that leverage principles from motivational psychology. In fact, our internal data shows that turning on gamification in e-learning training increases user engagement by 54 percent.

Personalized learning also increases learner interactivity, engagement, and retention. A survey of L&D professionals at the Learning Technologies exhibition found that nearly four out of five can see a clear link between personalized learning and improved employee engagement. Therefore, a combination of engaging content that sticks and personalization is key to make sure your training is relevant for employees.

Knowing that both employee motivation and compliance fulfillment are crucial for organizations’ overall security, we decided to extend our platform and help you personalize it with your own learning content, policies, and corporate brand identity. Once all is uploaded, you can track and report everything in one place.

Here are the main features of our new Content Management solution:

Custom modules

It is now possible to upload your cyber security content to our learning platform to adapt the security training to your needs. You can use your existing content in different formats (PPTs, audio, video, etc.), convert it to a compatible format (SCORM), and easily and quickly upload it to our platform.

If it is the first time you hear the word “SCORM”, don’t worry. You will see that converting your files to this format is seamless by using tools such as ActivePresenter or Articulate Storyline.

Short video showing how the SoSafe platform can be branded and customized to a sample organization

Policy management

From security to HR and work safety policies, we’ve got you covered. Our platform enables you to upload your policies, present them to your employees, and track their acceptance with downloadable audit-ready reports.

Short video showing policy acceptance feature on SoSafe awareness platform

Branding & customization

Both our Learning Platform and Phishing Simulation can be adap­ted to your corporate branding to achieve an integrated learning experience and strengthen employer branding activities. You can also customize content inside our e-learning modules and Phi­shing Simulation to match the requirements and regulations of your organization. For example, you can adapt the content of your simulated phishing emails to mimic CEO fraud.

Short video showing the upload of custom modules on the SoSafe platform

Create the learning experience your organization needs with SoSafe

Our new Content Management solution blends in with our gamified E-Learning Platform, our Phishing Simulation, and our Analytics Dashboard to empower organizations to drive secure behavior at scale and turn employees into active assets against security threats.

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You can directly request a demo and we will work with you to design and deliver learning experiences for your unique needs that will help you boost employee engagement and meet your compliance requirements. If you are already using our platform, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we will be happy to guide you through our solution.

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