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Mitigate the risks of shadow IT with the help of our e-learning content

8 June 2023 · 2 min read

Mitigate the risks with the help of SoSafe

Shadow IT means employees using unauthorized software, hardware, or applications in the workspace. And this practice can have serious consequences for businesses. While employees may feel that using their preferred tools makes them more productive, it can lead to security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and a lack of standardization.

Can shadow IT cause serious harm to your organization?

One of the main dangers of shadow IT is that it can create security risks for an organization. If employees use unauthorized software, they may not realize that it is not properly vetted and could contain malware or other security vulnerabilities. This can put sensitive data at risk and lead to a data breach, which can be costly both financially and in terms of reputation. 

In addition to security risks, shadow IT can lead to compatibility issues. If different departments within an organization use different tools, it can be difficult to share information and collaborate effectively. This can lead to project delays  and miscommunications,  ultimately impacting the bottom line.  

Shadow IT can also lead to a lack of process standardization. Without a clear IT policy in place, employees may use different tools or processes to complete tasks, which may lead to confusion and errors. This can impact the quality of work and make it difficult to maintain consistency across different departments.  

How SoSafe can help you  protect you against  the dangers of shadow IT

Shadow IT is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes, but with our new comprehensive e-learning content, your employees will be equipped to protect your organization from its harmful effects.  

Our e-learning is driven by behavioral science and thanks to our storytelling and deep gamification we increase your employee´s knowledge retention. We empower them to detect and prevent from shadow IT in no time, making them your business´s first line of defence against the hidden threat.  

With the interactive shadow IT e-learning lesson, your employees will learn how to detect and prevent the unauthorized use of software, hardware, and applications in the workplace. Through engaging content, we will strengthen your company’s security defences while shedding light on the potential consequences that mishandling this phenomenon can have on both your organization and the individuals responsible for crucial tasks. 

In addition, users will learn where to find company-approved tools. By promoting the use of approved software and hardware, you can safeguard sensitive data, avoid compatibility issues, and maintain consistency across different departments.

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Build strong security habits with our e-learning.

If you are already using our product and booked the Professional or Premium package, ask your SoSafe representative to enable the new lessons for you.

Lessons are available in German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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