Supply chain attacks: How to protect your company against them

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Supply chain attacks

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What role does the human factor play in supply chain attacks?

Cybercriminals have realized that supply chain vulnerabilities are an effective gateway into corporate networks and don’t hesitate to use this tactic whenever they find the opportunity. However, many of these attacks aren’t initially directed toward the technical systems. Instead, they target people by using sophisticated social engineering methods like spear phishing.

How can organizations be prepared for these attacks? While the threat landscape is rather complicated, the answer to this question is simple: By educating their employees about the risks of supply chain attacks and how to identify and report suspicious activity.

In this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • How supply chain attacks work and why they are potentially more dangerous than other cyberthreats
  • What methods are used by attackers – and examples of past supply chain attacks
  • What role employees play in protecting their organizations against supply chain attacks
  • How organizations can use next-gen cyber security awareness training to protect themselves against attacks on their supply chain

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