Top 5 cybercrime trends of 2022 and how your organization can stay safe

How aware are you of evolving attack tactics used by cybercriminals today? Learn more about these changing threats along with practical cyber security tips for keeping your organization better protected.

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Cybercriminals are continuing to evolve their attack tactics

From automated spear phishing emails, phone scams, multiple extortion to supply chain attacks: Cybercriminals are adding innovative strategies to their toolbox and exploiting current affairs – such as the shift to hybrid work. Organizations must prioritize replacing a static attack response with proactive defense to better tackle the changing threat dynamics. Equipping employees with the right tools will be key in nurturing a culture of cyber security.

In this white paper, you’ll find an overview of the top five attack trends, along with security best practices for protecting your organization against costly cyber incidents. You will learn:

  • What five trends are driving the current cyber threat landscape.
  • Which security measures you can take to protect your organization.
  • Why cyber security awareness training should adapt to the changing threat landscape

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