Latest cybercrime trends:
How can your organization protect itself?

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Bridging the security awareness gap in today’s cyber threat landscape

The global threat scenario is worsening as the cyber security trends from 2022 emphasize how security risks, having the common thread of human error, are rapidly changing. With these risks expected to grow more complex, it is now of the utmost importance for organizations to add cyber security awareness solutions into their defense arsenal. As we emerge from a global pandemic, the implications of current events with regards to rising cyber incidents are a clear indication that organizations must accelerate their efforts to reinforce their security culture.


Find out: 

  • Why the hybrid work model is one of the most prevalent causes of concern.
  • How phishing attacks are being designed with emotionally manipulative tactics, substantially increasing their likelihood of being clicked.
  • Where artificial intelligence can deepen cyber security, fueling platforms with massive amounts of data or as a shield to mitigate security risks.
  • What is the role of the human factor in building a strong cyber-aware culture.

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