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LEUE & NILL Group is an international insurance broker with over 150 years of experience. With 450 employees at six locations in Germany and branch offices in Austria and Switzerland, they serve industrial, commercial, and private customers in all matters of insurance and risk management.

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“There are three reasons why we chose SoSafe, the most important of which is its user-friendliness. I was impressed with SoSafe’s look and feel and employee feedback when it comes to applications is definitely very positive. SoSafe’s customer service is nothing other than top-notch. This holistic support was there from the very start and gave us the safe feeling that this is a service provider we can rely on for such an important topic.”

Simon Rudnik
Deputy Head of Training

The challenge

Handling sensitive customer data safely

As an international insurance broker working with small to large-scale businesses globally, cyber security is a priority for them. To maintain a strong position in the market, the protection of highly sensitive customer data is essential. With no awareness program implemented before, they were looking for a user-friendly solution with reliable support to build employee awareness.

“We offer cyber insurances for our own customers, so it would be great if we could also launch a training program for our own employees to build security awareness as the issue of cyber security is becoming increasingly important. Ultimately, I can say that SoSafe impressed me the most.”

Simon Rudnik
Deputy Head of Training

The Solution

Strengthening employee cyber security awareness

LEUE & NILL uses SoSafe’s interactive, gamified micro-modules, including additional learning topics like Data Protection and Work Safety, and our realistic phishing simulations. They successfully combine SoSafe’s solutions with their own LMS.

“I have to say, the support and the cooperation even during the initial discussions with SoSafe were on such a high level – it quickly became clear that integration and technical aspects wouldn’t be an issue.”

Simon Rudnik
Deputy Head of Training

Boosting awareness by integrating SoSafe with their own LMS:

  • Gamified E-Learning
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Additional modules: Data Protection, Work Safety

The Results

Increased employee awareness and reduced click rates

By sending out targeted phishing simulations and continuously communicating about the topic, LEUE & NILL was able to further lower their click rate from 12.2% to 2.6%. The feedback about the training measures was very positive – from management, the works committee, IT, and employees.

“We noticed very quickly that the click rate was going down. In the end, employees became much more cautious with the emails themselves and the attachments they contain.”

Sven Klötzer

Why LEUE & NILL recommends SoSafe:

  • 80% reduction of phishing click rates
  • Successful integration with their own LMS using SCORM streaming
  • Outstanding support and customer service
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