Human Risk Review 2022

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Keep an eye on these cyber trends 

Supply chain attacks, AI-based spear phishing and hybrid work – the cyber threat landscape remains tense. Cybercrime-as-a-service is becoming the standard business model, and attack tactics are evolving almost by the minute. 

The human machine  interface still is the number one entry point – more than 85% of attacks start with the human factor. This is because employees can always be attacked in a similar way, even when using the most diverse tools – via emotional manipulation and social engineering.

The Human Risk Review 2022 provides an overview of all developments and awareness approaches that organizations should consider now in order to avoid being overrun by cybercriminals’ innovative power. 

In this report, you will find:

  • Analyses of current threats and trends in the areas of cybercrime and information security
  • Data-based insights into the most successful social engineering and phishing tactics of cybercriminals
  • Behavioral science-based tips for sustainably minimizing human risks and strengthening your security structure

“Now is the time to counteract professional cybercriminals, and to secure data and systems by minimizing human security risks!”

Niklas Hellemann PhD, psychologist and Managing Director at SoSafe

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Drawing on various data sources, this study takes a closer look at cyber security and human risks. The core analyses are based on several million data points from the SoSafe Awareness Platform, which were analyzed using differentiated technical and psychological KPIs. In addition, more than 250 IT (security) managers were anonymously surveyed on current threats and the state of cyber security awareness training in their organization. Data on malware infections and development was provided by AV-TEST.

In addition to technical security measures, organizations should now focus on the human factor, and strengthen their security culture by training their employees. SoSafe's awareness platform combines motivational e-learning with smart phishing simulations to help organizations drive secure employee behavior. The platform is easy to implement and scale - and admins can always track progress and platform ROI via strategic risk monitoring to be able to proactively respond in case of risks.

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