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Selecting the ideal cyber security awareness training for your needs is crucial. Explore our comprehensive comparison of SoSafe and CybSafe to make a well-informed choice, enhancing your organization’s human layer in security.

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The key differences:
SoSafe and CybSafe – a comparative overview

Learning ModulesIntelligent and engaging micro-learning 

SoSafe provides an immersive learning experience with a fun, interactive, and story-driven approach that builds long-lasting security habits. 
Lengthy and unengaging modules 

CybSafe’s modules tend to be lengthy, with some taking over 10 minutes to complete, resulting in a less engaging experience that fails to effectively foster secure habits.
Phishing SimulationsTrue-to-life phishing simulations 
At SoSafe, our dedicated team crafts authentic phishing simulation templates based on real attacks, tailored to your industry and specific requirements. We prepare your team for real-world attacks.  
Easy-to-detect phishing emails  
CybSafe’s phishing simulations are always sent from the CybSafe domain, which makes them easy to spot for users – and leads to extremely low click rates and a very reduced learning impact. 
ReportingPhishing Report Button & PhishAssist for real-time feedback 
Users can easily report suspicious emails and learn in the moment – empowering them to distinguish between malicious and non-malicious emails with confidence. 
Not a feature 
The lack of immediate feedback makes it harder for users to recognize malicious emails, limiting learning experiences and opportunities for growth. 
AnalyticsActionable and insightful reporting 
SoSafe provides behavioral metrics that pinpoint key vulnerabilities and show the success of the phishing campaigns, as well as industry benchmarks for informed decision-making and targeted improvements.  
Over-complicated reporting 
CybSafe’s graphs and reporting are less intuitive and user-friendly, and do not effectively provide actionable insight into users’ actions and behaviors. 
Implementation Easy implementation 
Our team does the heavy lifting, ensuring seamless SoSafe implementation in under three weeks, complete with personalized role-based learning paths tailored to your organization’s needs. 
Burdensome administration 
A considerable amount of manual effort is required on your end to onboard and manage users. 
ContentContent in 32 languages 

Including 22 European languages. 
Content in 15 languages

Reduced localization efforts lead to decreased engagement and limited learning success in the impacted regions. 

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“We used to send our employees phishing simulations from a free provider, but they weren’t very topical, so not much was learned. All the emails were sent simultaneously, too, so word of mouth spread before the simulation even reached them. With SoSafe, the phishing training is tailored to fit our needs.”

Denis Karbstein

Denis Karbstein

IT Project Manager at LGI Logistics Group International

“Since cyber security is widely considered a complex topic, we needed something that was captivating, easy-to-follow, and able to fit within our employees’ day-to-day work. SoSafe’s engaging and micro e-learning content and on-going phishing simulations fulfilled all that.”

Stefanie Boem

Stefanie Boem

Data Protection Officer at Sport-Thieme


Build continuous resilience at scale

Sophisticated cyberattacks are continuously evolving. Driven by behavioral science and powered by smart technology, SoSafe evolves and adapts to your employees’ levels of security awareness and the latest threats to keep your organization safe.



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