Empowering cyber security reporting with the Phishing Report Button

26 July 2023 · 4 min read

In the breakneck pace of today’s digital era, shielding company data against cyber threats is more than just a once-in-a-while task – it’s a full-time job. One pivotal move in this direction is the establishment of a strong reporting culture, a transformative step that the Phishing Report Button from SoSafe is designed to support by adding a layer of armor to your cyber security defenses.

Hints to help your reporting decision

Understanding the importance of creating a strong reporting culture

Remember the first time you took a spin on a bicycle? You might’ve felt unsteady and apprehensive. Similarly, after undergoing cyber security training for the first time, each email notification might give your team a mini heart attack. Could this be a potential cyber threat? This heightened alertness is not just beneficial, it’s crucial. However, it also brings along a set of unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a robust reporting culture. Here, we’ll look at some of these challenges and how to effectively tackle them:

Strong reporting culture

Spotting cyber risks: Connecting the dots between training and reality

One of the foremost challenges in maintaining a solid cyber security posture is ensuring the consistent application of the knowledge gained during training. Much like any other skill, without regular application, the ability to identify these cyber risks can start to slip, making your organization more vulnerable.

Keeping threat detection skills fresh and ready for action is vital. Our customers have reported a 38% higher adoption rate of cyber security practices and 25% higher completion rates since implementing the SoSafe Phishing Report Button. Regular engagement in cyber security practices not only helps to retain knowledge but also aids in the refinement of these skills over time, significantly boosting the overall adoption of secure behaviors across the organization.

Impact of the PRB

Cutting down on false reporting: Strengthening email threat detection

It’s Monday morning, and our inboxes are often overflowing with emails. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? When every email might be a potential threat, even harmless ones can end up being flagged as cyber threats. This not only overburdens your IT department, but it can also mean actual threats fly under the radar as they’re hidden under heaps of false alarms.

Boosting the ability to distinguish real email threats from the harmless ones can significantly reduce these false reports. This is where tools like the Phishing Report Button can step in. Customers reported a noteworthy 30% reduction in interactions with potentially malicious emails compared to customers without the Phishing Report Button. It offers intuitive and contextual guidance right when you need it, effectively enabling users to make sound decisions about the potential threat level of an email.

Phish Assist

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our satisfied customers had to say about their experience with the Phishing Report Button:  

“Positive reinforcement is key. Often, users who correctly identify and delete potential phishing emails aren’t aware if they’ve acted upon an actual training mail or not. The uncertainty lingers. However, the phishing reporting add-on offers an immediate response. If the suspicious mail was indeed a simulated phishing mail, the users receive immediate feedback, commendation, and access to helpful tips. This stimulates their desire to continue learning and improving.”

Martin Schmidt, Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions GmbH

Prioritizing cyber threats: Streamlining incident reporting

In the vast and often murky sea of potential cyber threats, separating the annoying spam from genuine danger can feel like an uphill task. Imagine being in a room full of noise and trying to hear one specific sound – challenging, isn’t it? This is akin to the situation IT teams often find themselves in when trying to identify real threats. 

But here’s the kicker – a shocking number of companies only come to realize they’ve been breached a staggering 277 days after the initial incident. The root cause? Outdated and inefficient reporting habits. This alarming lag can significantly hamper the effectiveness of your cyber security efforts, like a ticking time bomb waiting to detonate.

Incident reporting

This is where SoSafe’s Phishing Report Button, equipped with the Incident Reporting feature, becomes a game-changer. This feature allows users to swiftly report cyber security incidents, providing a streamlined process for your team to identify and tackle the most urgent threats. It acts as a powerful spotlight, illuminating the immediate, legitimate threats within the complex landscape of cyber security. It ensures that these vital issues don’t get lost in the noise, but instead become a standout presence that demands attention. This not only simplifies cyber security management but also elevates its efficiency, turning what were once challenges into clear opportunities for improvement.

IT Professional

Don’t let Cyber Threats get the Best of your Organization

The Phishing Report Button is a trailblazer in your cyber security tool kit. It cultivates a dynamic, quick-acting, and efficient reporting culture that not only keeps you a step ahead of cyber threats but also ensures swift responses when threats do arise. Want to learn more about how the Phishing Report button can reshape your cyber security?

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