SoSafe March 2024 Product Updates

27 March 2024 · 2 min read

This March brings a wave of exciting enhancements across SoSafe’s product lineup, aimed at enriching the user experience and reducing human risk in your organization.

New Educational Content

  • Deepfake Awareness: In an era where digital deception is becoming increasingly sophisticated, our latest lesson on Deepfakes is a critical addition to your learning experience. It not only educates employees on recognizing AI-generated content but also delves into the implications of deepfakes and the importance of maintaining digital integrity. Empower your team with the ability to discern truth in the digital realm, fostering a culture of critical thinking and vigilance.
  • PCI DSS Compliance Training: Our new PCI DSS lesson is a timely resource for any team handling payment card information. This lesson, available as part of the Compliance Package, is designed to navigate employees through the maze of securing credit card data, emphasizing the significance of PCI DSS compliance. By embedding these practices, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, ensuring customer trust remains intact and mitigating potential financial and reputational harm.

Integration Improvements

  • Excel and OneDrive: Our enhanced Excel and OneDrive integration powers more efficient data management and analysis. By enabling seamless data export and synchronization, organizations can now enjoy instant access to analytics data in a familiar format, which simplifies the process of identifying risky behaviors. This feature is currently in beta. If you’re interested in accessing it, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).
  • ServiceNow Integration: Our Phishing Feedback integration with ServiceNow bridges the gap between user-reported emails and SOC teams, streamlining the feedback loop. Users reporting suspicious emails through the Phishing Report Button (PRB) receive timely feedback, enhancing their understanding and awareness of cybersecurity threats. Meanwhile, SOCs that use ServiceNow benefit from automated responses, saving precious time and resources while fostering a proactive cybersecurity culture.

Sofie Rapid Awareness Updates

  • AI-Powered Auto-Translation: Write in English, translate to all Sofie-supported languages with a click of a button and with the help of AI. This feature simplifies the translation process, ensuring that critical information is understood by everyone, regardless of their primary language.
  • Scheduling Alerts: The ability to schedule alerts for future delivery with Sofie Rapid Awareness will power your communication planning. This feature allows CISOs to ensure that critical alerts are delivered at the most impactful times, enhancing the effectiveness of the communication and ensuring key messages are noticed and acted upon at the right time.

Manager Enhancements

  • Trusted Senders: The Trusted Senders feature enhances the phishing reporting functionality by allowing organizations to whitelist trusted email domains. This not only streamlines the process of identifying genuine communications but also reduces the cognitive load on employees, allowing them to report less emails as suspicious, with the assurance that emails from trusted domains are safe.
  • New Analytics Roles: The introduction of two new view-only roles within the Manager platform – “Analytics” and “Anonymous Analytics” – is a game-changer for organizations looking to democratize access to cybersecurity insights while maintaining strict control over sensitive information. These roles, designed with privacy and security in mind, provide targeted access to analytics, enhancing collaborative efforts in cybersecurity without compromising on data protection.

Each of these updates underscores SoSafe’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity awareness and defenses. By continuously innovating and responding to the evolving digital landscape, SoSafe ensures that organizations and their employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of the digital world securely.

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